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340B Prescription Services

340B Program

As a patient of Valley View Health Centers, you may be eligible to get prescriptions at a lower cost through 340B! 

340B program passes along discounts of up to 50% on prescriptions to our patients at all of our Valley View Health Center locations. We can offer discounts to eligible patients who are uninsured and/or have difficulty affording their medication. 

If you do not have prescription insurance, the following steps are required for you to receive your prescriptions at discounted prices:

1.) After you are seen by one of our Valley View providers and have been prescribed one or more prescriptions, you are then eligible to receive your medications at a discounted price at the Valley View Rx. The amount you save is directly related to income. If you are in our Sliding Fee Scale Program, you will save even more.  

2.) The helpful pharmacy staff will do the rest by applying the discount and letting you know the amount due.

3.) You reserve the right to have your prescription filled at your pharmacy of choice. Please note that the 340B Sliding Fee Cash option is only available at Valley View Rx. 

If you are a Valley View patient and you have prescription insurance:

You may be able to purchase medications not covered by your insurance company at a significant savings by using the 340B cash card.

If you do use insurance to purchase your prescriptions at one of our contract pharmacies or entity owned pharmacy, Valley View will receive the 340B discount and use this money to help better serve our community with much needed services. This is at no additional cost to you!

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