Womens Health/Prenatal

Valley View Health Centers specializes in the comprehensive care of women throughout their life span.  We focus on reproductive, obstetrical and gynecological care. 

When it comes to motherhood, we know that no two pregnancies are the same. We work with each woman and her partner to develop a comprehensive care plan throughout their prenatal and postpartum care. 

The specialty of women’s health care provides diagnostic care and treatment, as well as  preventive care. We also provide confidential services that include family planning, exams and testing for women of all ages. 

Our staff of Certified Nurse Midwives and Certified Nurse Specialist are available 4 days a week for questions or concerns that cannot wait until the next appointment and an answering service for after hour emergencies.

Meet Our Team

Dona Sanders, CNM
Perinatal Director
Tiffany Harris, CNM
Carolyn Berry-Pettit, CNS
After hours call: 1(800) 730 - 7523
For Life-Threatening
Emergencies Call 911

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