Medical Prescription
Medical Assisted Treatment Services

Valley View Health Centers offers an alternative to opioid and prescription addiction help with our Medication- Assisted Treatment (MAT) Services. Physical withdrawals can last anywhere from one week and one month. The emotional withdrawal symptoms however, like anxiety, depression or insomnia, can effect you much longer. With the assistance of MAT, we can help you to reduce those symptoms, which in turn reduces you craving to attempt to use drugs again.

With a reduction in the withdrawal symptoms, patients are empowered and able to stay focused during counseling and behavioral therapy, which is vital on the path to full recovery. 

Our expert team of medical, behavioral health and addiction-specialist professionals, see you as more than your addictions. We are here, when you are ready, to put you on a path to a resilient life and freedom from opioid addiction. 

Meet Our Team

Dr. Terry Johnson
Christina Colburn