Lori Rumfield

 Lori Rumfield, has been a resident of Ohio all her life, she attended Shawnee State University for her undergraduate degrees in Health: Science,  as well as Sculpture.


She worked critical care for over 21 years, majority of her time was in Emergency Room Service. She received her Bachelor's and Master degree at Ohio University specializing in Family Practice. Lori has participated in missionary work in Haiti and provided services to under served areas.  “I love supporting the community that I live in, I have worked in the Adams County area for over 6 years now and love to help and educated in health prevention to give patient power over their health through all walks of life.  I see myself working in Adams County for the next fifteen years as a partner in health care prevention. "I especially enjoy building relationships and working with patients from all ages as they establish their healthcare goals and needs.”


In her spare time, Lori enjoys traveling, camping, and spending time outdoors. She is very excited to be part of Valley View Health Centers at Manchester and is proud to work with such a fantastic team for the care of our community. 

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