Being the Best You Possible

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1 in 5 adults in the US experiences a mental health condition in a given year. That’s 46.6 million people per year. In addition, just over 4 million children are also treated for mental/behavioral health conditions. With that knowledge, we also are very aware that many go untreated because of the stigma associated with treating mental health conditions. 

Whether it is an acute area of concern, such as grief, trauma, loss or sudden change, or a chronic issue such as depression, anxiety, or major mental health disorders, with treatment people can get the assistance needed to not only understand their condition, but also learn to manage it and live with it effectively.

If you or someone you know is dealing with an interruption or hindrance in their daily life due to mental health needs, we encourage you to reach out and get the help needed to treat these concerns. Just like with one’s physical health, treating the mind is necessary in being the best you possible. 

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Stephanie Craft LISW-S is a licensed independent social worker with supervisory designation. A native of Minford, Ohio, Stephanie graduated from Minford High School. After graduation Stephanie served in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. She enlisted in the DEP program in 1996 and was active from 1997 - 2002, earning the Operation Iraqi Freedom Service Ribbon and Good Conduct Medal at discharge. She is currently still serving as the 2nd Vice Commander of the American Legion Post 622. Stephanie earned her Bachelor in Social Sciences at Shawnee State University in 2004 and her Masters in Social Work at The University of Kentucky in 2007.  

Stephanie continues to reside in Scioto County with her son who currently attends Shawnee State University and plays on the Men’s Soccer team.

Stephanie specializes in the diagnosis of acute (grief, trauma, adjustment disorders, etc) and chronic (depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, etc) mental health illnesses and sees both children and adults. She is available to see all patients at our Waverly location.